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    Bike fitting is a very important aspect of cycling.  Getting your correct bike position can be the difference between enjoying your ride or returning home in pain with very little inspiration to get back on the bike. 

    The four concerns for setting up your bike up correctly are safety, comfort, aerodynamics, and power.


    Correct position can vary considerably from one person to the next.  Below are the areas that will be looked at in the bike fit.

    Type of riding

    The bike fit will be determined by the type of riding that you do such as ride duration, cycling experience, intensity and personal style.

    Frame size

    Your frame has to fit, thats the most important thing for comfort.

    Seat position

    This is very important for the stability of the hips and angles/reach of the handlebars and the peddles, and can be a cause of overuse injuries if incorrect.

    Handle bars and stem length

    If the reach of the handlebars is too far away, or too close, or too low or too high, it will result in shoulder, neck, back or hand pain.


    When cycling, your legs move in a circle turning the pedals, and the diameter of the circle is based on the length of the crank. If the circle is too big for your legs this will put more stress on your knees. If the circle is too small, the legs wont get as close to being straight where they are at their strongest. 

    Previous injury, strength and flexibility consultation

    The bike fit is aimed at riders who have no current injuries.  It is important that if you have any injury to get it checked previously by a medical professional.

    Cleat positioning

    This is important because this is where the shoe transfers the power through to the pedals.  Achieving optimum power and efficiency throughout the crank revolution is critical so energy used is maximised.  Incorrect cleat position is also one of the main sources of overuse injuries.


    Bikeology _bike _fit


    Finalising of the bike fit concludes when the client feels comfortable and happy with the changes.

    How much does it cost?

    Please see our service rates page for pricing. Sometimes to obtain the correct bike fit, stems, handle bars, cranks and cleats etc may have to be renewed. These will be sold separately and there may be an additional fitting cost, which is a independent charge to the cost of the bike fit.


    I was referred to Bikeology by the coach of The University of Queensland Triathlon Club, Triads. I was impressed by the service given to my by Chris. He was so thorough and methodical with my bike fit out and I feel more confident on my new bike. It is imperative to have your bike fitted correctly as this allows for efficient and safe riding and now I recommend his service to my patients who are experiencing difficulties with their bikes.

    - Cathy Conway, Indooroopilly Physio Practice Owner,