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    Using the CompuTrainer SpinScan™ we perform pedal analysis to help you increase power and efficiency by determining cycling power distribution.

    Pedal analysis gives you direct feedback on both left and right leg power splits, and identifies "flat" or "dead" spots in the pedal stroke and helps you correct your pedalling technique.  And the Average Torque Angle is displayed to help you to adjust your position for optimum power.
    The CompuTrainer is a world leader in the field of indoor electronic bicycle training systems and increases your cycling power by 20-30% and your speed by 3 to 6 kph. 

    Whatever your starting point, you have much more to gain.

    We provide you with:

    • SpinScan electronic pedal stroke analysis
    • Performance Data which includes: Watts, Speed, Cadence / RPM, Heart Rate, Peaks & Averages

    Contact us for more information, or to book your pedal analysis session at Bikeology.