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    You can only really enjoy riding if you're confident about your bike.

    Bikeology delivers this confidence EVERY time.  My bike always comes back from Jimmy tight and whisper quiet, which gives my riding such an awesome boost.  I'm an absolute Hitler about bike noises and niggles, I hate them.

    That's why I believe Bikeology is the answer to my obsession, they're best solution to my bike I've ever had.

    - Duncan Armstrong O.A.M, Olympic Champion,

    I have dealt with Jimmy at Bikeology for over a year and in that time he has provided nothing but the most professional service in bike servicing and bike fit.

    He is a perfectionist in what he does and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone.

    Through our charity ride, Smiling for Smiddy, Jimmy helped assemble 50 brand new Trek racing bikes and they performed faultlessly throughout the 1600 kilometer journey.

    - Mark "Sharky" Smoothy, Challenge Director,

    I usually service our bikes myself, I owned a bike shop for ten years and did thousands of bike repairs. But I have a habit of overcommitting myself, and not having enough time to do all I plan to do. We left our training bikes with Jimmy when we went down to Forster Long Course race. The best move I could of made. We came home to two bikes that performed like new.

    In the bike industry, it’s not easy to find good people. Jimmy is passionate about his work, and he does it well. He’s got the job of looking after our bikes while I concentrate on coaching and renovating.

    - Al Pitman, Triathlon Coach - East Coast Cycos,

    Great Service and workmanship – It’s great to know that the guy working on my bike appreciates it as much as I do. Jimmy built this one for me and has serviced it since, I’ve never had a problem or glitch.

    The Bike fit was great and the service Jimmy provides leaves me with lots more time to be on the bike, I’d recommend Bikeology to anyone wanting to save time, money, and want a 1st class job.

    - Michael Botting

    I needed some wheels sorted - fast!! - for the Qld Masters Track Champs.  The original wheels on my fixie were flexing like hula-hoops when I put them under load. They were just not up to the job.

    Sourced a set of Dura-Ace hubs and Jimmy got me some Mavic CXP-33 rims + DT Swiss straight gauge spokes.  Combine that with a conventional 3X lacing for the build and you’ve got more than enough to deal with the g-forces on the velodrome.  So, I got a solid set of training wheels that are sweet enough to race with ... which I did and in the nick of time. 

    Jimmy puts safety, commitment and attention to detail at the top of the list with the work he does. You can feel this come through when you're on the bike riding and these wheels are no exception. Truly confidence inspiring, which is why (apart from myself) Jimmy is the only person who works on my bikes (I’ve got 6 and counting).

    - Iain

    I was referred to Bikeology by a group of friends and I have never been more impressed when it comes to the servicing of my bike.  So when it came to needing a replacement set of wheels I sought the advice of Jimmy.  I wanted a set of hand built wheels as I was seeking a more reliable product without sacrificing performance. On Jimmy’s recommendation, and constrained by my budget, I went with a 32 hole Mavic Open Pro ceramic rims with DT Swiss competition spokes and Ultegra hubs.

    This wheel set built by Jimmy has proven itself to be bomb proof. I use the wheels on the daily commute and for racing. Six months have passed and they are still as straight as when I bought them. I have never experienced the same high level attention to detail servicing and advice from another mechanic. I strongly recommend Jimmy to others.

    - Hugh

    I spent 3 long days riding in the Midi Smiddy challenge and hanging out with a cool group of people including Jimmy and Anna. Jimmy donated his time as our mechanic and Anna was one 60 riders raising money for Cancer Research.

    Jimmy was always running around fixing people's problems with bikes ranging from simple punctures to broken spokes, cleats, gears and everything else you would expect from a group of 60 riders riding in the rain. His sense of humour and smile was always welcoming people to bring over any little issue to get dealt with quick and efficiently. I also got to ride with Jimmy on the road for about 10km, he was pretty quick on the descent but when it came to pedalling he started puffing pretty quickly.

    - Michael Milton, Paralympic Champion, One More Mountain,