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    Wheel building is a specialised trade, which once mastered gives you a high quality durable product that will last for the discipline of cycling that you ride. Whether it is road cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, or touring, we can create fully customised wheels built to the highest standard.


    With us, there is no middleman, you will talk directly to Jimmy at Bikeology, a specialist wheel builder who will discuss with you your needs, and then build your wheel to perfection.  Each wheel is painstakingly hand laced, hand built, de-stressed, then trued with the finest precision you would expect from a specialist.

    Having a custom wheel build is not necessarily more expensive than buying a pre-built wheel from a bike shop.  If you need strength, quality and durability, then custom built wheels will certainly pay off in the long run.  

    Your wheel build 

    The wheel requirements will vary based on your body type/weight, whether the wheel will be used for racing or training, normal riding conditions, tyre preferences, and your budget.  All these factors will be taken in to consideration to provide detailed advice on the best components to be used for your own custom build.  

    You can choose which hubs, spokes, rims you want and select integration of components such as Cycle Ops Power Taps.  Any advice on which is best for you is offered as part of the service.  Prices vary depending on the components selected as to the final build cost.

    Each wheel is painstakingly hand laced, hand built, de-stressed, then trued with the finest precision you would expect from a specialist.


    Here are some of the wheels that have been built by Bikeology for different riders and training/racing conditions, along with the corresponding customer testimonial.  Contact us for more information about these wheels or to discuss pricing.   


    Rider profile: Approximately 75kg
    Rim: Mavic CXP33
    Spokes: DT Swiss Champion
    Hub: Shimano Dura-Ace

    I needed some wheels sorted - fast!! - for the Qld Masters Track Champs.  The original wheels on my fixie were flexing like hula-hoops when I put them under load. They were just not up to the job.

    Sourced a set of Dura-Ace hubs and Jimmy got me some Mavic CXP-33 rims + DT Swiss straight gauge spokes.  Combine that with a conventional 3X lacing for the build and you’ve got more than enough to deal with the g-forces on the velodrome.  So, I got a solid set of training wheels that are sweet enough to race with ... which I did and in the nick of time. 

    Jimmy puts safety, commitment and attention to detail at the top of the list with the work he does. You can feel this come through when you're on the bike riding and these wheels are no exception. Truly confidence inspiring, which is why (apart from myself) Jimmy is the only person who works on my bikes (I’ve got 6 and counting).

    - Iain

    Rider profile: Approximately 80kg
    Rim: Mavic Open Pro
    Spokes: DT Swiss Competetion
    Hub: Shimano Ultegra

    I was referred to Bikeology by a group of friends and I have never been more impressed when it comes to the servicing of my bike.  So when it came to needing a replacement set of wheels I sought the advice of Jimmy.  I wanted a set of hand built wheels as I was seeking a more reliable product without sacrificing performance. On Jimmy’s recommendation, and constrained by my budget, I went with a 32 hole Mavic Open Pro ceramic rims with DT Swiss competition spokes and Ultegra hubs.

    This wheel set built by Jimmy has proven itself to be bomb proof. I use the wheels on the daily commute and for racing. Six months have passed and they are still as straight as when I bought them. I have never experienced the same high level attention to detail servicing and advice from another mechanic. I strongly recommend Jimmy to others.

    - Hugh

    Rider profile: Approximately 90kg+
    Rim: DT Swiss RR585
    Spokes: DT Swiss Competition
    Hub: DT Swiss 240

    I recently had another set of factory wheels fail on me again. I have used a lot of the major factory built brands (Mavic, Campag, Roval, Velocity, Sun etc) with limited success. I am a larger rider (95kgs +) and race A grade crits (when fit!) and find factory wheels just don’t last.

    Jimmy built me a set of DT wheels (DT RR585 rims, DT spokes, DT240 hubs) 32 hole 3 cross lacing and I have been racing, commuting, training on them for 12 months now.  The wheels look great (match my bike!), roll super smooth, are strong & fast. The wheels haven’t been touched since Jimmy built them. I would highly recommend Jimmy to anyone looking for a set of custom wheels or for someone to work on your bike.

    Jimmy’s attention to detail borders on the pathological which I think is great when I look back at some of the other work I have had done on my bikes at some Brisbane bike shops.  Contact Jimmy if you want any more info regarding my wheels etc.

    - Dan